LClipDA 2.0

LClipDA allows you to use large 10 clip boards.
It uses original DB, so it's maximum size is 4kB!

To Copy:
Select some words to copy and launch the DA.

To Paste:
Put the cursor where you want to paste and launch the DA.
If you tap a number button or input a number with graffiti area,
which you want, the data will be put.

The "d" button means delete.

If you want to know more about DAs, please visit:

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Changes in version 2.0
Palm OS(R) 5 supported
Changes in version 1.9
Fixed some bugs.
Changes in version 1.8
HandEra330 supported
Changes in version 1.7
Fixed a serious bug.
Changes in version 1.6
handle with Jog Dial(HandEra).
Fixed some bugs.
Changes in version 1.5
handle with four hardware buttons and Jog Dial(CLIE).
Changes in version 1.4
Handle with selectable effects(Beep,LED,Vibrate) and "Cut" mode.
Changes in version 1.3
Handle with graffiti strokes(to paste:0-9).
Changes in version 1.2
Incompatibility with Palm OS 3.x has been fixed.
Changes in version 1.1
Fixed compatibility with DAs and the "Find" dialog.