Welcome to BackupMan for PalmOS.

BackupMan is a complete on-the-road backup solution for your Palm-Powered handheld with removable memory slot.

BackupMan has been designed to be an intuitive, easy to use solution enabling "set it and forget it" backups of your handheld. By leveraging its powerful feature set you can ensure you always have a recent copy of your data at hand in the event of an accidental deletion, errant program crashing, or even a complete hard reset of your handheld.

For the latest information regarding BackupMan please visit our website at

Remove any 1.x versions of BackupMan prior to installation of 2.x. In addition, if you are upgrading from BackupMan v1.x please see the special information in Release_Notes.html.

Double click on the BackupMan.prc file to install to your handled. This is the only file required for proper operation.

Included files:

BackupMan.prc BackupMan program file (required).
Release_Notes.html Release history of BackupMan.
Readme.txt This file.

Please feel free to send any comments on BackupMan to, we look forward to hearing from you!