README.TXT for Chatopus v2.40 (Apr 25, 2009)
Chatopus is a Jabber client for instant messaging (IM) on the Palm OS
platform. The client adds feature-rich instant messaging and presence
functionality to Palm devices, enabling Palm users to instantly
communicate to other wireless and wired users.

Chatopus offers the following versions,
1) English
2) Simplified Chinese

Please visit for further information.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Chatopus, please refer
to UPGRADE.TXT for important upgrade instructions.

To install Chatopus, you must install the following 4 files,

For Palm OS 5 enhanced audio, please install the following file,
Chatopus-sound.pdb. Optionally, you could install additional sound effects
available in the

If you are using the Palm Tungsten T3, please install the PalmOne's DIA
Compatibility PRCs for extended screen support. You may get the necessary
file in

Speech Synthesis
If you have Palm OS 5 or above device, Chatopus can speak your instant
messages as they arrive. It requires Symbic Talker, a text-to-speech
(speech synthesis) engine. Please download Symbic Talker from

You can enable text-to-speech by Options->Text-to-Speech.

A Getting Started Guide is available in, (English Version) (Chinese Version)

Author: Tony Yat-Tung Cheung