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Launcher X is a replacement Launcher for your Palm OS handheld. It's packed
with easy to use features, a skinnable interface, and a bevy of handy
"gadget" tools.

This distribution comes with the following files:

readme.txt This document
LauncherXManual.pdf The Launcher X user manual
LauncherX.prc Launcher X application
AfterSync.prc AfterSync application**


HotSync the file below onto your handheld:


This installation file requires 460k and includes skins for many types of
handhelds from low to high resolution. You will be given an option to
discard any unnecessary skins that are not compatible with your device to
reduce the memory footprint of Launcher X. Note that if you elect for this
option, the original skins will not be beamable to other devices when you
beam Launcher X.

AfterSync.prc **

** AfterSync is a free addition you may like to install. AfterSync lets you
launch an application of your choice after each HotSync session.

Versions of Launcher X prior to v1.1 included a memory card file browser
component called "LXBrowser", this component is now integrated into the main
appplication, so if you are migrating from an earlier installation you may
optionally delete this component using the "Trash Gadget within Launcher X.


Launcher X system requirements:

- 250-460k of free RAM (depends on the number of skins)
- Palm OS 3.5 or higher


Before contacting support, please read the user manual and check out the
FAQs at

To contact support please email

To discuss Launcher X and for hints and tips from other users take a look at