README.TXT for iSilo 3.3 (2/1/03)
The iSilo.prc program file serves as both the 30-day trial version
and the registered version of the software. If you would like
to continue to use iSilo beyond the 30-day trial period, you can
find information on purchasing from <>. After
you make your purchase, you receive a license registration code
that you enter into iSilo to convert its status to registered.

Please visit the support page at the iSilo website at
<> for frequently asked questions and knowledge
base articles.

If you would like to create your own documents for iSilo, you can
use iSiloX. More information about iSiloX can be found at its
website at <>.

If you encounter any problems or issues that are not answered in
the manual or in the support section of the website, you may send
an email to When reporting problems, please
include all potentially relevant details, including the exact
steps used to reproduce the problem, OS version, and hardware

iSilo 3.25 will coexist with iSilo 2.x on the same device because it
uses a different creator ID and name (noted next).

The iSilo 3.25 application is named "iSilo", whereas the iSilo 2.x
application is named "i S i l o" (i.e., there is a space between each
letter), and so iSilo 3.25 will appear alphabetically after iSilo 2.x.