--- Clock+ V2.2 USER MANUAL ---

by Marcus Desireau

There are 4 files included in the .ZIP file you downloaded:

* readme.txt (You're reading it now)
* Small BASIC.prc
* Math Lib.prc
* Clock+.bas

Please install Small BASIC.prc, Math Lib.prc, and Clock+.bas on your Palm OS device.

Clock+ v2.2 is a simple program that shows the current time, current date, seconds since midnight, and seconds until midnight.

It is a small, no-nonsense, and no cluttered up screen program.

I am 13 years old, so this program is FREEWARE. All that I ask is that you please leave a or review, and/or email me with your comments. Please share Clock v2.2 with your friends and family.