KeyGuard Extended (KeyGEx) for Treo/Centro v.1.7
(c) Ryhor Burakou

KeyGEx is a default keyguard replacement for Treo and Centro smartphones. It sports an intuitive and nice user interface and slide to unlock feature to make the unlocking process much easier and visually pleasing.

Please read this file before installing KeyGEx

0. Supported Devices:
Palm Treo 650, 680, 700p, 755p, Centro

1. Installing:
HotSync to your smartphone:
KeyGuardEx.prc - the main application file
pnoJpegLib.prc, TouchBG.prc - shared libraries to set the wallpaper
_cpd4.pdb - default "smilies" wallpaper

2. Using:
On your device, open Prefs, find KeyGEx and set "enabled" checkbox to on. Also you can tweak the settings there. Press "Done" and turn off the device to see KeyGEx in action

Happy using!

Ryhor Burakou