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Palm Software Division (PSD).

    Note! MegaClock can work only on the devices with Palm OS 4.0 and greater.

    To install this application you should synchronize the "MegaClock_xxx.prc", Casio.pdb, Citizen.pdb,  AnaDigi.pdb to your device. Files can be installed by using the Desktop S/W or just any other application.

    • MegaClock_PalmOS_5.prc
      For color device (320x320, Palm OS 5.0 and greater, 16 Bits): Palm Tungsten T/T2/C/W/Zire 71, Sony Clie` PEG-NX60/70V/UX50, ...
    • MegaClock_Sony_HR.prc
      For color device (320x320, Palm OS 4.0 and greater, 16 Bits): Sony Clie` PEG-N760/N610/T615/T625/T655, SJ30, ...
    • MegaClock_LR.prc
      For color and mono device (160x160, Palm OS 4.0/4.1, 4/8 Bits): Palm Zire/m125/130/500/505/515, ...

MegaClock views

MegaClock features 13 views and 3 separate module-emulators at the moment.
  • General
  • Digital Clock
  • Analog Clock
  • Alarms
  • Timers
  • Stopwatch
  • Events
  • World Time
  • Moon Phases
  • Sun rise/set
  • City Time
  • Internet Time
  • Time Calc


The main window displays all time parameters, that can be necessary in any situation. With the help of dropdown year and month menus you can predict the desired weekday or date.

The second half of the lower part of the screen displays the number of passed and remained days of the current year. The "Days" parameter can be changed to the "Hours", "Weeks", "Months" correspondingly.

Please, pay your attention to the fact that you can display a micro-calendar for the current year at this place:
Menu Icon/Options/Preferences.../Type: General view

Digital Clock

One of the variants of the multifunctional clock in digital form.
In the upper area there is the city displayed and GMT shift in regard to the "Home Location" you have set within the program in the section:

Menu Icon/Options/Home Location.

To indicate the second time zone there is a broad list of the cities of all continents. 

  - AM

    - PM


Analog Clock

A classical variant of the analog multifunctional watch.

  - AM

    - PM


20 programmable alarm clocks, which can be set to separate or combined work. To activate an alarm clock it is necessary to turn it on and set the time. To perform much finer adjustments, press the "Settings..." button. 


Timer is a countdown watch. You can simultaneously set up 4 timers. To perform much finer adjustments, press the "Set..." button.


To begin the counting, press the "Start" button. To get the medium time result press the "Split" button. All medium results are registered in the lower list.


This mode is a timer superset. Pressing the "New" button you can build a big number of events the approaching date of which you can view in the list.


World Time

This mode enables you to compare the time parameters in two cities simultaneously.

Moon Phases

This view displays Moon Phases status.

Sun rise / set

This view shows sunrise and sunset time referred to "Home Location".

City Time

This view enables you to control the time in 20 cities all over the world. You can set any 20 cities.

Internet Time

This view enables you to define the current Internet Time according to the current standard time and vice versa.

Time Calc

This page enables you to know immediately the time in any other city relatively to the time and the date of the city selected above. You can observe it in 12 favorite cities, the list of which you can change.


Casio.pdb, Citizen.pdb and AnaDigi.pdb  files are emulators of the clocks of the well-known clock companies. Later on we hope to add some extra emulators from other known companies.

Citizen like

Casio like

AnaDigi like

Status Bar

General Sunset Internet Time

The status bar is divided into three positions. Each position displays one of 8 parameters.
To change the list of the displayed parameters in the status bar you should:
Menu Icon/Options/Preferences.../Type: Status Bar, then select the position and the parameter that should be displayed in this position. When touching the displayed position with the stylus you can jump to this parameter view. 

Registration and preferences

After youíve pressed the "Menu Icon" button there appears a menu that enables you to get this program preferences and registration.


Adjustment is built of 4 main pages:
  • Global (launch and sound adjustments)
  • Status bar (Status bar adjustment)
  • General view (the lower part of the General view display adjustment)
  • Stopwatch Buttons (Stopwatch buttons programming)

Home Location

This function enables you to set the home city.

Edit Cities

This window enables you to add a new city, delete any of the cities (exept "Home Location" city), or edit cities. To edit or delete cities, select the desired city, select the desired function (Edit/Delete) and press the "Execute" button.
The "Default" function enables you to reset the cities base. At that all the cities entered by you will disappear.

Color Setup

You can change color settings of all main windows in the "Color Setup" window. If necessary, you can always return to the default color schemes. To do this use the "Default" button. 


To register this application you are to purchase it at:

Once you have purchased the MegaClock application, you'll get the registration code, which is necessary to enter in the registration field to complete the registration of the program. 

Note: All the new versions of this application are free for the registered customers!


Free usage of the MegaClock is limited by 14 days.

If you want to buy it address to: