AtomClock is a simple program to set the time via atomic clock time available on the Internet (by default SNTP protocol). AtomClock requires a PalmOS PDA that has Internet access. Run AtomClock, and press "Set time" to connect.

You can also change the server used--using a server closer to yourself geographically may be more accurate--by choosing one from the drop-down list. Using "MENU | Options | Edit server list" allows advanced users to edit the server list.

You can also set AtomClock to automatically synchronize its time with the time server every day at 3:30 am.

Network delays, alas, reduce accuracy.

The trial version lets you set the time only eight times. To register, go to After registering, you will get AtomClock_Registration.pdb, which you can hotsync on top of the trial.

There are three color themes. The "Theme" button cycles through them.