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Purchasing DateBk6

Upgrade for Registered Users

If you purchased any version of DateBk previously, then go to THIS WEB PAGE which will allow you to purchase the upgrade at $12.95. OR, for a short time, there is a special offer which combines a license for DbFixIt and a $5 discount coupon on forthcoming Pimlical calendar application for the desktop.

Regular Purchase for New Users

A page for those people who have never purchased a prior version of DateBk6 is available at THIS WEB PAGE.

These payment pages are handled through PayPal. If you are not able to handle a payment through PayPal, you can either send the amount as US Currency (Wrap carefully and insure/trace is recommended), an International Postal Money Order made out in US dollars to Pimlico Software, or check drawn in US dollars on a bank that has a US address on the front. Otherwise, if you are outside the USA, you may want to find someone with a credit card who can make the payment for you and then just reimburse them - that's often the easiest solution.

CESD, Pimlico Software, Inc.
You can join the DateBk3/DateBk4/5/6 mailing list by going to the Pimlico Support web Page. Go to the bottom of that page where the options for the mailing list and forums are listed.

Note that there is an email list for official releases, and an email list for beta releases. You join this list yourself and manage your changes of address and can also remove yourself at any time. This list will NEVER be used by Pimlico Software for any purpose other than notifying you of the DateBk3/4/5 and WeekView releases. It will NEVER be used by Pimlico Software for any purpose other than notifying you of the DateBk3/4/5/6 and WeekView releases.


Registering DateBk6

To disable the 45-day evaluation restriction, run DateBk6 and in any view, tap on the menu button, select About & Register S/W from the Options menu, then tap on the Register S/W button, and then enter the Registration Code that you were provided by Pimlico Software and tap the OK button (Click on this link for a graphic that shows you how to do this step by step). This Registration Code is valid for DateBk6 only - it will not work with any prior version of Datebk.

Case is not significant, but to avoid confusion, lower case is used for all letters so 'o' and '0' are clearly distinguishable- the only exception is the letter 'L' (so it's not confused with the digit '1').

If you did not receive your registration email within 48 hours, then it would have been caught in your spam filters or inadvertently deleted as registrations are always sent out within 48 hours (99% within 12 hours) - no exceptions.

Before you do anything else, write your Registration Code down in a safe place - note that there is an option in the Registration dialog to save your registration code in a memopad record (normally you will want to leave that box checked). You may need to re-enter it in the future! Also when a new major version is released, there is often an automated free upgrade system, and you may need the information in this email to take advantage of that.
If the Registration Code does not work, this just means an incorrect HotSyncUser name was provided with the order. To avoid delay, it's best to email the hexadecimal codes by tapping on the dotted box with your HotSyncUser name in the Register Software dialog and email that information to The dotted box is shown in step 5 of the graphic whose URL follows immediately below. HOWEVER, before doing this, look at the registration carefully and make sure you are not confusing the letter 'o' (always lower case) with the digit '0' or the letter 'L' (always displayed in upper case to avoid confusion) with the digit one (1).
If you are not sure how to enter the Registration Code, you can tap on this web address: for a graphic that shows you step by step how to do this.
You can always download the latest release of DateBk6 has from the DateBk6 web page:

So check that web page on occasion to be sure you are using the latest release. NOTE: if you are upgrading and encounter an immediate crash or other significant problem on first use, it is possible your preference database is not compatible: before emailing support, delete the DateBk6DB preference database and launch DateBk6 to re-create a new, default preference database to see if that solves the problem.

By inserting your registration code, you are agreeing to the following terms of the Datebk6 license agreement:

This license is for your personal use on your Palm Organizer(s) only - not for any other organizer used by someone else sharing the same User ID - with the single exception that other family members are permitted to use the same registration code if their devices have the same user name. The DateBk6 software is (c) 2005 Pimlico Software and by installation of the registration code we are providing, you are hereby agreeing to (a) maintain the confidentiality of your registration code and (b) not engage in any activity designed to nullify or invalidate the copyright and ownership rights of those portions of DateBk6 developed by Pimlico Software. Providing a registration code for a generic HotSyncName such as a company name, "Palm User" or "Smith Family" does not in any way imply that a license is being granted for its use by anyone other than the individual who originally registered the program.

Although you will not have to read it first before using this program, there is a very comprehensive 125+ page user manual that you can download from:

Zip Download for Manual

Windows Executable for Manual

There is a discussion forum on eGroups for DateBk6: This is not run by or associated with Pimlico Software, but can be a good source of information if you have something you want to share or discuss with other DateBk3/4/5/6 users.

There is an emailing list maintained by Pimlico Software which you can subscribe to by going to the DateBk6 web page, or by sending an email to: You will then be sent a verification message which you can reply to to get on the list. Once on this list, you will get notified of all releases, including maintenance releases and also the release of any new software we write that would be relevant for DateBk6 users. You can unsubscribe at any time from this list.

NOTE ON WHITELISTS: Pimlico Software will not respond to access requests generated by email programs using WhiteLists. If you want to receive email from Pimlico Software, you must enter into your white list and use that email address to contact Pimlico Software

NOTE ON CHANGING YOUR HotSyncUser name. If you change your HotSyncUser name, your registration code will no longer be valid. You can email Pimlico to request that your registration code be invalidated and a new one issued to you at no charge. However, after changing it three times, any subsequent changes would require the purchase of an upgrade.