DateBk6 Read-Me-First File

Make sure you read the notes about Device-Specific issues in this File!

Note: You must install both DateBk6.prc
 and DateBk6-resources.prc at the same time!

First Time DateBk6 user, not very experienced with Palm Devices

  First Time DateBk6 user, and an experienced Palm User   DateBk6 User upgrading from DateBk3/4/5 or earlier version of DateBk6
Since you are reading this file, we assume you managed to unzip the archive (WindowsXP can view the contents of this file without "unzipping").

Extract the DateBk6.prc and the DateBk6-resources.prc files and place them BOTH in the Palm Add-on folder (or any other folder you choose). Note that if you ran the EXE, this has already been done for you and the file was placed in the C:\Program Files\Pimlico\DateBk6 folder.

Run the Palm Install tool (Start button, Programs, Palm Desktop, Palm Install Tool), tap on Add button and navigate to the folder where DateBk6 is stored and select both files for installation (Click on Done). Important: Make sure you install BOTH files!

Put Palm in cradle and hotsync to copy DateBk6 to your palm device.

If you have a color device you will most likely want to install Icons-DateBk.prc which provides colorful graphical icons that you can assign to events. Install this file with the Palm Install Tool as well. You may also want to install some Today View plug-ins such as the VersaMail plug-in. The zip downloadfile has other useful plug-ins - some free and some shareware from other developers.

There are useful information tips available in all DateBk6 dialogs. You may well want to install these helpful tips. To do that, install the dbSetup.prc application, run it and just tap the Install Checked Items button (only the DateBk6 Help Database item should be checked).

There are other useful things in the zip archive, but you don't need to install them until you become more familiar with DateBk6. Do not blindly install all the PRC files in the zip archive! dbMemo, etc. will just generate an error if you do that.

Remember: for the most part DateBk6 does work like the built-in datebook application so try things out. Looking through the preferences is a good way to learn about all the features (tap on the info icon 'i' at top right) in each dialog too!

  Install BOTH DateBk6.prc and DateBk6-resources.prc and, if you have a color device, Icons-DateBk and any other icon collections you choose so you can create a custom icon collection. To edit icons, we now recommend the popular icon editor Icon Manager available from most Palm Software archives.

To conserve space, the info tips for DateBk6 are in a separate database that you can install with Dbsetup. If you think these would be useful and you have the space, you can install them with dbSetup. dbSetup also allows you to install the timezone files. If you travel extensively in different timezones, you will definitely want to install them (they take virtually no space).

Look at the zip download file as there will likely be useful plug-ins there for the Today View that you may want to use. Just install the PRC files and then go into View Display Preferences in the Options menu in the Today view, tap on the top-line selector and then include and configure the plug-ins.

dbAddr, dbTodo, dbMemo, dbView are special applets that allow you to launch DateBk6 with a saved view (of the same name). If you prefer using those databases from DateBk6, these provide a convenient way to launch DateBk6 with pre-selected options (such as full screen display, day view, etc.). But they will only generate an error message until you create the associated saved view.

DateBk6 is an extremely powerful calendar program -- typically much more powerful than people think at first. To gain full use of this application, you will find it worthwhile to review the comprehensive, 120+ page  DateBk6 User manual which you can download from Pimlico's webpage (see below).

There may also be step upgrades posted shortly after the release of a new version. Check back with the Pimlico web page for the latest information on releases and beta previews.


If you have DateBk3, DateBk4 or DateBk5 installed, then remove it first using the Delete command in the APP menu of the main launch screen, but only delete the DateBk# program file (where # is 3/4/5). Then install BOTH DateBk6.prc and DateBk6-resources.prc. Also, if you have installed them, delete the DateBk5 Help Database (DateBk5HelpDB) and Old dbSetup programs as otherwise DateBk6 will see them.

If you have an earlier version of DateBk6 - just install both DateBk6.prc and DateBk6-resources.prc on top of your existing version. Any files you install will overwrite existing files (so don't install icons if you have modified your existing icons!).

Leave your DateBk#DB preference database alone so DateBk6 picks up your preferences (& registration if upgrading an existing DateBk6 install).

If the program crashes or acts erratically, you will have to delete the DateBk6DB preference database and launch DateBk6 to create a new, clean set of preferences.

If you get monochrome icons and not your color icons, go into the memopad database and delete the old DATEBK3 memopad record. If necessary, use dbIcon or Icon Manager to rename your working collection: Icons-DateBk.

If you use saved views, go through each view before making changes - this ensures the associated icons are updated properly.

Before using DateBk6, you will want to review the file: WhatsNewInVersion60a.htm which covers all the new features in DateBk6. Some features have been moved around, and others have been changed. Also read the Device Specific notes.

There may also be step upgrades posted shortly after the release of a new version. Check back with the Pimlico web page for the latest information on releases and beta previews. Note that dbMemo, dbAddr, etc. will generate an error message if you have not defined a saved view with the same name.

If you installed an older release of DateBk5 on a Treo-650 and the phone button got "hijacked" - you will need to run resetphonebutton.prc - in the file - see note below.

Note that you now hide completed ToDo's by going into Options | Preferences - ToDo Sorting and tapping the Hide button when the Completed attribute is selected in the list.

If you get multiple BLOB errors, run dbScan and use the option to check for BLOBs in the calendar database to fix them.

If you are using timezones, be sure to install the updated World Timezones database in dbsetup6.

Where is the documentation? There is a very comprehensive, 131+ page user manual that you can download from: The zip archive has the manual in PDF format. If you have difficulty reading the manual, download Version 7.0 of Acrobat Reader from (it's a free download).

Handspring Device? Click here if you used Datebook+ and floating events or see a Blitter.c crash

Program acting strangely? First try a clean install of DateBk6: Delete DateBk6, the DateBk6-Resources file and the DateBk6DB Preference database and download a fresh copy of DateBk6 from and re-install.

Today View crashing or Status bar on T5/Tx acting up? There is a known bug on all Palm OS devices with NVFS and large screens which causes the status bar to act erratically - go into Advanced Settings and check the Force 8-bit Color Mode option. If you have a Sony Clie that is crashing in the Today View, set the Force 8 bit-color option and and also select None for the background in the Today View (You can get to the Today View Preferences from the Main Preference panel's Options Menu. If the Today view is already your startup view, see FAQ's for how to reset the preferences:

SmartPhone powering on unexpectedly at frequent intervals? If you are in a BORDERLINE reception area where the phone is going in and
out of the digital network all the time, you need to make sure that in DateBk6, you go into: Options | Preferences | MORE (2) ADV. SETTINGS | and check the box: AVOID SUPPRESSING DUP. ALARMS. There is a bug in the telephony software on the Palm that if it's in a borderline reception area, everytime it manages to reconnect to the network, it sends out a global date/time change broadcast (even though the date/time has not changed). This causes an issue for one of DateBk's strategies that is designed to prevent duplicate alarms, as every time a date/time change broadcast comes through, the built-in datebook app springs to life and reschedules its alarms.

Trouble with data not synchronizing? Completely remove and re-install your conduit software - this has nothing to do with any flaw in  DateBk6, but sometimes happens when third party software is installed. If the conduit hangs on synching the calendar database, this is the likely known bug in Palm's DM Patch software - run dbScan and use the option to remove all deleted records to "fix" this problem. If you are using Verizon's wireless sync, remember you have to go in there and specifically enable synching with other apps.

Installing third party Today View Plugins. In the zip download file may be one or more PRC or ZIP files which contains plug-ins for the Today View provided by other developers and companies. Typically the zip file will include a read-me type file with information about the plug-in, so always read that first. There will usually be a PRC file which is installed to provide the functionality from within DateBk6's Today View. Before installing plug-ins, it's a good idea to do a hotsync/backup so you have a copy of everything in case you encounter a problem. While Pimlico has typically received feedback on the plug-ins and only includes applications written by experienced developers, Pimlico is not in a position to guarantee compatibility and the operation of these plugins.

Stuck in a Reset Loop (for example: you installed DateBk6.prc but forgot DateBk6-resources.prc): Do a System Reset:  hold the up button and keep it held while poking reset. Device will boot up the Palm OS without looping out. You can then delete DateBk6 (or any other application that crashes the device on bootup), and then do a soft reset to resume normal operation. Then set up both files for hotsync and re-install....

Basic Tech Support: If you have problems with the basic installation, getting a permanent registration code after registering electronically or other 'setup' problem, send an email to:

Advanced Tech Support: If you are an experienced user and have run into a more advanced problem, you can fill out a tech report form (copy in archive) and send it to:

Ordering Information

Files in the DateBk6 Zip Archive



Description DateBk6.prc & DateBk6-resources.prc The main DateBk6 program file - note that there are TWO PRC files. DateBk6-resources MUST be installed in main memory - DateBk6.prc can be put on a memory card.
The file you are now reading
A read-me first file for the dbIcon color icon editor (Icon Manager is now recommended instead). Icons-DateBk.prc A default, color icon collection that matches the DateBk3/4 monochrome icon collection
An editor for color icons on color devices only (will not work on grayscale devices). IconDBSplitter is a utility that splits up large icon collections into manageable collections of 1-255 icons. If you do much work with icons, we suggest you now use the third party icon editor: Icon Manager which is now available as freeware from most popular Palm Software archives. Icons-TwoKidsInAGarage.prc
Color icon collections that you can use with DateBk6 on color or grayscale devices (you just can't edit them in grayscale mode with this version of dbIcon). Remember that DateBk6 will only use the collection called icons-DateBk6, if you have 2 or more icon collections loaded, so delete the other icon collections, or rename the one you want to use as icons-DateBk6. dbSetup.prc Installs the DateBk6 help files, sets up monochrome icons and Timezones for you if you intend to use these features (see manual for details).

Remaining Items are not usually installed by most users Lefty.prc When run and checked, tells DateBk6 that you are a left-handed user and shifts some scroll bars from the right to the left side of the screen (Split-screen, note, help, etc.). On OS/4 and earlier systems, also install LeftHack for further left-hand enhancements. dbScan.prc A utility program that makes sure that your DateBook database has no corrupt records. Install and run if you suspect a problem with your database. dbView.prc dbTodo.prc dbAddr.prc dbMemo.prc These are four tiny launcher applications that will launch DateBk6 with a saved view invoked (dbView, dbTodo, dbAddr and dbMemo respectively). You have to create the saved view yourself, so only install these if you intend to make use of this special function. See section Launching
applets with Saved Views
in the DateBk6 User manual. timezone-resource.txt
Contains more timezones that you can put into your World TimeZones memo (Windows platform). Includes versions specially formatted for UNIX and MAC platforms. Unix.txt Some Special notes for UNIX users (especially regarding HotSyncUser name)

Other  Items that may be of Interest WhatsNewInVersionXXX.txt (Where XXX is the version of DateBk6) is a comprehensive list of every addition and modification incorporated in this latest release. Of primary interest to power users or people upgrading from prior versions. TechReportForm.txt Is a form that you should fill out whenever you report a problem to DateBk6VersionAndSlipstreamHistory.htm This file contains a comprehensive history of every single change and added feature by version and slipstream. If you are looking to see if a specific issue has been addressed, this is the place to look for it. ForcePIMs.prc Use this only if you are a power user and have disabled the DataManager patch and want DateBk6 to use the classic PalmSource databases on a PalmOne device (prevents DateBk6 from auto-selecting the PalmOne databases). DeletePIMs.prc Install this applet (and keep it installed) on a Treo-650 or Tungsten T5 to automatically delete the redundant PalmSource mirror databases (Datebook and memo) created by the DataManagerpatch and which can take up a lot of unnecessary space on your device. resetphonebutton.prc Install and run this applet once to fix the problem of the phone button getting assigned to DateBk6. You can remove it after you run it once. DateBkon1stbutton.prc You can run this applet once to assign DateBk6 to the first hardware button - The Treo-650 and T5 no longer have this option in the Palm OS, but if you decided you do want to run DateBk6 off the first button, this applet will let you do that! RemoveAllDateBkTagsfromAppoint-
Information on how to remove all the tags in the note field of appointments. Use this only if you are permanently removing DateBk6 as these tags are essential for storing information that the Datebook database has no provision for handling otherwise.

Finding More Color Icon Collections

There are several sources of color icons. These collections are featured as samples in the zip archive - and full versions are available from these sources. TwoKidsInAGarage and DesignsByBert are very supportive of the Dewar Wildlife Trust Inc./Gorilla Haven, and donate a portion of their profits to wildlife conservation (All proceeds from the sales of Pimlico's products go to wildlife conservation).

TwoKidsInAGarage (icons-TK)
DesignsByBert (icons-designsbybert)
ClieSource (lcons-ClieSource-demo)

There are also two, small icon collections included:

Umberto Uderzo - Icons-UBI_Collection
Pimlico Software - Icons-DateBk - this collection is a perfect match for the standard monochrome collection which may be handy if you are transitioning from monochrome to color icons (i.e. use this as your base set so current icon assignements are preserved, and then add new icons at the end.

To find other icon collections, you can try a search in a standard search engine (such as for: Icons + color + Palm + DateBk6 which will likely provide links to several other icon collections.

You must be using at least V-1.2e of dbIcon in order to properly modify icon collections on an OS5 device. You may also want to look at Chris Antos's IconMgr which looks a lot like dbIcon but adds a lot of useful functionality such as the ability to edit and create grayscale icons, manage collections up to 2,600 icons (maximum # that DateBk6 can handle) high-density icons, generate half-size icons for high density icons and also remap the resource ID's which, in conjunction with an option in DateBk6 (Advanced Settings dialog in the DISPLAY OPTIONS menu of the main preference panel) allows you to delete and insert icons without losing any existing icon assignments.

Handspring Users

There are some special considerations for Handspring users, so just quickly check the list below to see if anything here applies to you.

Handspring OS v-1.4 is Flawed. There is a significant bug in Handspring's OS 1.4 update which can cause a crash with a "Blitter.c" error.If you are using this 1.4 update, you should download the OS 1.5 update that fixes this bug:.HS Updater 3.5.2v1.5 

Caution about Floating Events. If you used floating events with DateBook+, there used to be a potential problem if you used earlier versions of DateBk4/5 and then went back to using Datebook+. In that case, your completed, floating events could under some circumstances all get advanced to today's date. This issue no longer existed starting with V-5.1a of DateBk5. If you have a prior version of DateBk5 installed, however, you will have to synchronize just one time with the desktop overwriting the handheld in order to "prep" the database so this new feature works properly...

Program Acting Strangely

There are some hacks with bugs that are known to cause problems with DateBk6 (and other applications too). These bugs can cause unexpected crashes (such as when alarms go off), or screen redraw problems. In all cases below, the problems are caused by flaws in other applications and not DateBk6, so no workarounds are planned at this time (almost all the authors of these applications are aware of the problems).

In all cases, if you see a problem, contact author for latest update in case the problem has now been fixed.

Otherwise, do a clean install of DateBk6: Delete DateBk6, the DateBk6-Resources file and the DateBk6DB Preference database and download a fresh copy of DateBk6 from the DateBk6 web page: and then reinstall.

Don't know how to close split-screen? If your calendar now shows your addressbook or memos in split or full screen and you don't know how to get rid of it, briefly tap the down arrow at top left and select Close Split Screen (a too-long tap will bring up a category list), or tap/press the menu button twice and select Close Split Screen.

Everything disappeared and 'H' at top left? If your calendar is now blank, most likely you have hidden the unfiled category. Go into Appt Categories in the Options menu and tap the All button.

Red X's appearing for icons in unexpected places?. This can be caused when updating from a prior version of DateBk6 with a preference database that was originally created in a much older version of DateBk6. Just go into the Zones tab of the main DateBk6 Preference panel (Options | Preferences in any view) and tap on one of the three time zone selectors. Then make sure that there are no erroneous icon associations with time zones in that dialog (tap on the icon which appears as a Red X and then use the REMOVE button in the icon dialog to remove any unwanted association.

A corrupt database can cause problems. To eliminate this as a possibility, run dbScan and let it remove any corrupt records. The error of orphaned events (no displayable occurrences of a repeat event) is a benign issue that does not cause any problems (but you might as well remove such records anyway).

ToDo's all unexpectedly hidden? If you just upgraded from DateBk5, it's possible the new urgency field filter may be inadvertently set. Go into Options | ToDo Categories and tap on the button to the right of each category name, make sure [ALL] is selected for the urgency filter and then tap the OK button.

Weird colors? No Grayscale? If you are updating from an older version of DateBk6, this can happen. Go into the color/gray selection dialog (for an event, ToDo or category profile) and tap on the Reset Palettes button to set the default palette selection.

Crashes when alarms go off? There are many hacks that consume so much stack space that it causes problems for applications like DateBk6 that are trying to use the alarm system as the Palm OS does not have enough memory to launch DateBk6 and crashes. Solution is to remove all hacks and DateBk6, then install DateBk6 first and verify alarms are ok. Then install remaining hacks monitoring as you go along to see if any problems occur. This problem can also occur if you are running an application that has used up all the stack space - again when the Palm OS attempts to launch DateBk6 - there is no stack space left for the Palm OS to allocate to DateBk6.

DateBook button won't cycle through views? Go into the Views tab of the main preference panel and make sure that a '1' is set in the popup list next to the Date legend so DateBk6 knows the left-most button is the "Datebook" button (Treo users will want to use '2' there).

MAC HotSync Problems: If you are using a MAC and are having hotsync problems - try allocating more memory to the HotSync Manager and the Conduit Manager say from 2048k to 3072k or even more.

Phone button got "Hijacked" on a Treo-650? This can happen if you installed an OLD version of DateBk5 on the Treo-650. You will need to install and run the applet, resetphonebutton.prc to reset the function back to the phonebutton. Installing the current release of DateBk5 or DateBk6 will ensure this problem does not reoccur.

Sony Clie crashes in Today VIew with MsqInfo.c error? This is a known bug on several Sony Clie models that fail to properly implement transparent graphics. Go into More Adv. Settings and check the box to avoid transparency. You will also not be able to display Moon Phases in that view.

Using a non-Roman Language? Make sure you check the Non-Roman Language checkbox in the Appts tab of the main DateBk6 Preference panel (Options | Preferences in any view). Small/tiny fonts on OS5 devices only support languages using the Western European character set at this time. Small/Tiny fonts are supported in Japanese in the weekly and list views only. Also, check the box: Language: Reads Right-to-Left if you are using Hebrew or other language that right-justifies text as otherwise the re-coloring of text in the Day View will not work properly.

##@@@@@D@@@@@ in the note field? This is normal. DateBk6 handles many features for which the built-in datebook has no provision for storing - items like colors, fonts, icons, advances, custom alarms, categories, timezones, etc. and the only way these can be handled is with tags in the note field. If you are no longer going to use DateBk6, there is a utility to remove these tags, but only if you are no longer going to use DateBk6 - see note below. Note that v-6.1 has an option in More(3) Advanced Settings to avoid generating a tag just because an item was in a category other than Unfiled.

To Remove DateBk6

Before removing DateBk6, you may want to have DateBk6 automatically remove all the special tags it inserts into the Note field to handle advanced features not present in the standard Datebook database. Consult the document: RemoveAllDateBkTagsFromAppointmentDatabase.pdf which has the instructions on how to do this (very simple: just use the menu option in the Main Preferences Dialog).

Then, to remove DateBk6, simply delete DateBk6DB which is the preference database that DateBk6 creates when it start up. Then delete DateBk6, DateBk6-resources and any other files that you may have installed. You can reference the list in the table above to see which files you might have installed.

C. E. Steuart Dewar (aka CESD), Pimlico Software, Inc.
The Dewar Wildlife Trust, Inc.  -- Gorilla Haven