BatteryGraph v1.21

Copyright (C) 2003 Jeroen Witteman.
All right reserved.

BatteryGraph is a program for monitoring battery status on a PalmOS compatible
device. Every time you switch on or off your device the program will log the
current battery status in a database. On the main screen the battery
percentage and voltage over the last few days will be drawn as a line in a
graph. It can also display the device on-time per day wich will be drawn as
bars. Furthermore it will display the total on-time since the last
(autodetected) charge (or new batteries) and the current battery status on the
main screen.

On the status screen it displays the current battery status, the battery
warning and critical threshold, whether or not the device is plugged in
(battery is charging) and the battery type. It also shows the number of
records in the database and the current size in kilobytes. Furthermore it show
the last detected charge date and time and how long the device has been
switched on and off since then.

On the statistics screen it will show the average/minimum/maximum ontime per
day over a selectable period. It also shows the avg/min/max number of times
per day during that period as well as the average time between switch-on and

The program should work on every Palm OS based device running Palm OS 3.5 or
higher. Besides the standard palm resolution of 160x160 it also supports Sony
Hi-Res (on Clie's) as well as Palm Hi-Res (OS5) for 320x320 resolution.

- Upgrading from v1.20
Check your database size limit options in the preferences screen, they will
probably be on a different value then you have chosen before. This may cause
some of the battery history to be removed. Disable these options (remove the
checkmarks) before you install v1.21 to avoid this.

- Upgrading from v1.10 or earlier
You can install this version over any previous version. However in v1.20 the
configuration format has changed and therefore all preferences, display
options and colors will be reset to their default values. Battery history will
be kept.

v1.21 - 2003 October 27
- added more choices for limiting database size by days and records (added
choice for 2 and 4 days, and 2000, 4000, 6000, and 8000 records)
- fixed bug in ontime calculation when there were no events for an entire day

v1.20 - 2003 May 25
- automatically registers for on/off notification after soft reset
- fixed counting ontime on midnight boundary
- added option to turn off backup of database during hotsync
- added option to switch between early and late wakeup notification (which
fixes getting unbalanced on/off events in some situations)
- added new statistics screen showing the total ontime, the avg/min/max ontime
per day, the avg/min/max number of times switched on per day, and the
average time between switch-on and switch-off for a selectable period

v1.10 - 2003 May 3
- fixed a bug in the Clie hires detection routine causing a program crash on
Sony Clie PEG-S360
- added workaround for getting unbalanced on/off event on OS5 devices when
using builtin locking ("Lock & Turn off")
- increased maximum on-time scale to 12 hours
- added option to shade weekend days in graph
- added option to change colors of the on and off markers (Show on/off
- moved color changing option to separate form (accessible from the menu) and
added colored squares showing the selected colors
- added the amount of on time for today to the status screen

v1.02 - 2003 April 26
- added Palm OS5 Hi-Res (320x320) support
- fixed autoscaling of maximum voltage

v1.01 - 2003 April 25
- Fixed a bug causing a soft reset right after installing.

v1.00 - 2003 April 24
- Initial release

- Changing the time on you Palm will cause BatteryGraph to display incorrect

This program can be used freely for non-commercial use. If you like it,
you may donate me some money using PayPal.

You may distribute it freely as long as it remains unmodified from its
original form and the distrbution method remains at no charge to the end

This program is provided 'as is' and no warranties are implied or given.
The author shall not be held responsible for any errors,
incompatibilities or consequential losses before, during or after use of
this program. The author does not guarantee fitness for a particular
purpose. Use this software at your own risk.

This program can be used freely for non-commercial use. However, if you like
this program, you can donate me any amount you wish (from $1 or 1 euro and up)
using PayPal or by mail. I have spent many hours developing this program,
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