Ir Monitor
Version 1.2

IR Monitor is an application which can be checked infra-red signal easily with your PalmOS.
You can monitor any IR devices like TV Remote Commander, NotePC and so on.
This application has graph capabilities.
One is a realtime indicator.
Another is a line graph which is logging the history upto 130ms.
PalmOS5 high-resolution mode were supported by this upgrade.
Moreover, new features, such as integral graph mode, are added.

<The model supported>

The following is the model which checked operation of IRMonitor at this time.
SONY CLIE : PEG-N750C / T600C / TG50 / SJ33 / NX60 / NX70V / NX80V / UX50 / TH55
Palm IIIx / Palm Vx / c505 / Visor Platinum / TUNGSTEN C / TUNGSTEN T5 / Zire 31 / Zire 72


This IR Monitor is using Raw IR mode of PalmOS.
Raw IR mode cannot be used on OMAP-based
(Tungsten|T, Tungsten|T2, Tungsten|E, Zire21, Treo600, and Zire71)
products due to an OMAP processor limitation.
The OMAP's UART3 automatically frames all data according to the IrDA specification.
There is no way to change this setting in the processor and use raw IR in the OMAP UART.
Therefore, IRMonitor cannot be used by the model of OMAP.


Version 1.2 (5/30/2005)
PalmOS5 high-resolution mode were supported.
Integral graph mode addition.

Version 0.8 (5/31/2002)
for SONY CLIe NR-70

Version 0.7 (3/18/2002)
Palm OS 4.0 / Color / Sound

Version 0.5 (10/29/1999)
add function Graph Start/Stop

Version 0.3 (10/27/1999)
First Release.

Copyright (C) 1998-2005 by Shigeyuki Seko all right reserved.

Shigeyuki Seko