This software and its source code is in the Public Domain
(except for the icon background which is probably (c) Palm).
The icon foreground is by Diederik Veraart, to whom thanks

ShowBattery replaces the attention icon (exclamation mark)
in the status bar of a T3/T5/TX or LifeDrive PDA with a
battery icon. But when there is an alert, the attention
icon comes back, so no functionality is lost.

To use, install ShowBattery_TX_LD.prc to have a gray
background battery (TX/LD style) or ShowBattery_T3_T5.prc
for a blue background battery (T3/T5 style).

ShowBattery is a preference panel, so it will show up in
your Palm's Prefs application.

ShowBattery does not update immediately, so you may need
to wait up to about half a minute for an update of the
battery status.

If you have mySkin 2.42+ or myKbd 1.42+, you can
merge battery skins onto regular skins.
BatterySkin_*.prc is the battery skin that is
built-into ShowBattery, and mySkin/myKbd can recolorize it.

If you want to compile this yourself, you need the
February 7, 2007 or later cvs version of pilrc from . Earlier versions do not
work. You'll have to compile pilrc yourself.