aStopWatch 2.3
Copyright (C) 2000-2004 A0Soft Inc.
All right reserved.

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aStopWatch is a free plug-in tool of aClock. It means
that you have first to install aClock into your Palm. Please refer
to the following section for where to download aClock.

aClock is my product. It built-in 1110 world cities and
203 countries. It can show 12 cities date/time at a time. aClock
also provides the "page" function to enable you to set up to 23 favorite
cities in two pages. DST is supported and all setting, including city
name, GMT and DST, are customizable. BTW, aClock provides
an unique function to allow you changing date/time at different time
zone and without affect Palm's system time. To get free trial version
or more information regarding aClock, please click

aAlarm is another one of my products. It enables you to set 10
alarms based on world cities local time zone. It shares the same
city/country database as aClock to provide you can set alarm on 1110
world cities. You can choose not only sound but Backlight/LED/Vibrate
to reminder you the time is up. To get free trial version or more
information regarding aAlarm, please click

1. Start the Palm Install Tool application in your Palm directory or folder.
2. Choose the correct User Name.
3. Choose the aStopWatch.prc file that accompanies the downloaded ZIP file.
4. HotSync.

aStopWatch is ready to go. Tap on the aClock icon on your Palm and then
tap the aStopWatch item by tapping the Tool icon from aClock main window.