AlbumToGo and AlbumToGoDesktop are copyright (c) 1999 by ClubPhoto
Written by Mark Chao-Kuang Yang

web site:
addr: 650 Saratoga Ave.
San Jose, CA 95129

Palm models supported: Palm Professional, Palm III, PalmIIIe, Palm IIIx, Palm V, PalmVII

System Requirements:
PC with Windows 95/98/NT and Palm Desktop HotSync Manager installed.
Power Mac with MacOS 8.0 and above.

To install AlbumToGo for the PalmPilot:
Use the Palm desktop install tool to HotSync AlbumToGo.prc and other converted image files. Then hotsync to the PalmPilot unit.

********** AlbumToGo Desktop (ATGD) application **********
-----Image tab
To convert any jpeg image: Simply drag and drop jpeg files to the ATGD's window. The preview shows the final viewable image on PalmPilot. Adjust image position using scroll bars if available. The final image will be cropped to the visible part of the image.

16 Level Gray Scale: To create a 16 level gray scale AlbumToGo image, set this check box to on. Otherwise a 4 level gray scale image will be produced. PalmPilots that only have 4 levels can still view 16 gray level images. AlbumToGo features an on-the-fly dithering. So all the 16 gray level images will be dithered to 4 levels.

Contrast & Brightness: Adjust contrast & brightness to produce the best image possible.

Image Title: The is the image title (i.e. file name) that will be shown on AlbumToGo on the PalmPilot. Change it to the desired name.

File Path: Shows the file path of the jpeg file being converted.

Open button: Use the Open File Dialog to open jpeg files.

Save button: Save the converted AlbumToGo file (a .prc file) to disk.

Send to HotSync: Directly sends the converted AlbumToGo file (.prc file) to the HotSync directory. The user can then press the HotSync button on the cradle to transfer the file over to the Palm. If there is more than one user, a pop-up menu will show that will allow the user to select which user to HotSync the file to.

----- Note tab
Create a note to attach to the converted AlbumToGo image files. User can then use Find button on Palm to find the note.

********** AlbumToGo on PalmPilot **********
----- 5 modes
There are 5 modes in AlbumToGo to allow instant funtion access. Modes are selected via the push button on the lower right of the AlbumToGo screen. From left to right are: view, rename, note, infrared beaming, and delete

View mode: View any image by tapping the image file name. Images that are in different gray scale than the screen will be dithered using an error diffusion method. For example, if you have a Palm III, which only has 4 gray level, to try to view a 16 gray level image, the image will be dithered to 4 level. It still retains the 16 gray level information when it's beamed to another Palm unit.

Rename mode: Rename the file name by tapping on the image file name.

Note mode: Attach/change a note to the image. (note: in any mode. If the file already has a note attached, you can simply tap on the note icon to the left of the check box to change the note.)

InfraRed Beaming mode: Use the built-in infrared to beam the image to anther Palm unit. Only Palm III or higher have infrared capability. It is disabled in Palm 2.0 and below.

Delete mode: Delete the image by tapping on the image file name.

----- buttons
Slide button: Do the slide show of all the checked image. If the image is not to be shown in the slide show, uncheck it using the check box to the left of the file name.

About button: Shows the AlbumToGo About Dialog.

----- menu
- App menu:
About AlbumToGo: Shows the AlbumToGo About Dialog.
Preference: Auto Slide Show Launch: Starts slide show when launching AlbumToGo.
Force 4 Level Gray Scale: For old Palm units that have 3rd party memory upgrade.
Loop Slide Show: Set slide show to loop itself.
Frame Duration: duration of each image in the slide show.

- Options menu:
Check All: Select all images to be shown in the slide show
Uncheck All: Un-select all images, so none of them will be shown in the slide show.

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