Weather Manager from TinyStocks

Thank you for downloading the Weather Manager!

Weather Manager is a Palm OS program and matching HotSync conduit
that allows you to download the current weather and 5-day weather
forecast from cities around the world. Weather information can
be download directly from your Palm through a Palm modem or mobile
phone or through your desktop's internet connection with the provided


- Run WeatherManagerInstall.exe.
- Click on the HotSync icon in the Windows taskbar, select "Custom" and
double-click on "Weather Manager". You can then configure your network
and proxy parameters.
- If you plan to download satellite images through a mobile phone, also
install SysZLib.prc


- Download the weather databases for the regions that interest you from:
- For cities/maps you want updated during a HotSync, select them and then choose
"Add to Favorites" from the menu.
- All cities in your favourites will be updated during a HotSync operation.

Having problems getting Weather Manager to work? Check the Weather Manager


When the Weather Manager is unregistered, it will not download the
5-day weather forecast, it will only update the current weather conditions.
This is so that you can verify that the program works in your environment.

Weather Manager costs only $12.95 ! Register it today from the site you
downloaded it from!

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Weather Manager includes a plugin for the popular Palm OS launcher called
"Facer" -
If you use Facer, install the file Weatherman_Facer.prc on your Palm to take
display the weather forecast on your start page.