README - Pocket City
Pocket City is a Sim City clone for embedded devices, right now it runs on
PalmOS and GTK+ (Linux).

Pocket City is licensed under the GPL, see COPYING file for more

Don't forget to read the GAMEHINTS file.

install: for this:

standard-PocketCity-EN.prc pocketcity in english
sony-PocketCity-EN.prc pocketcity in english for sony palmos
devices (including palm5 sony devices)
palm5-PocketCity-EN.prc pocketcity in english for palm 5 devices

--- but also install one of:
PocketCity-bw-1.pdb black/white displays
PocketCity-twobit-1.pdb 2-bit color devices (??)
PocketCity-grey-1.pdb 16 greyscale displays (like the Vx)
PocketCity-color-1.pdb 256 color displays (like the IIIc)
PocketCity-merged-1.pdb can be used on b/w, grey & color devices

to actually use the game; they contain the tiles. If you don't add the tile
the game will complain on startup.

Special Features:
Palm: /B for bulldozer
/R for residential zoning
/C for commercial zoning
/I for industrial zoning
Tap or drag the pen for building
Use the hardware keys for scrolling (up/down/phone/todo)
Tap the "calculator" button on the silk screen for shortcuts

Palm OS 5 devices:
* 5 way navigation support
* High Resolution
* Soft Silk

Sony Devices (4 and 5):
* Jog dial scrolls the map
* High Resolution where available (layout changes)
* Using the hold switch pauses the game.
* Soft Silk

PalmOS 3.1:
The game _does_ run on 3.1 devices, but some features are disabled:
* The map won't be shown, but you can still use it to scroll around quickly
* The "calculator" quicklist is not availble. You will get the full 'choose
item list' instead.